Saturday, February 18, 2006

How cold is it....

It's so cold, and the furnace is running so much, that I put the tea kettle on the store to boil some water. I have no tea (sorry Ben), but oddly enough I do have a tea kettle.

A little later, I heard a smoke alarm go off -- a continuous wailing. I checked all the smoke alarms in the house and garage and found them all silent.

It was that stupid tea kettle. It has a whistle built into its snout. Dogs in Clevelnad probably heard it. That annoyance aside, the boiling water did raise the humidity in here to a tolerable level.


Ben Heller said...

LOL. I haven't seen a kettle with a whistle in years.

Takes me back to my childhood.
we think all you do over there is drinks tea, call cookies "biscuits" and French fries "chips," and receive welfare checks -- I imagined you had a whistling teapot in every room :)

Ben Heller said...

All of those things are correct Jim.

Another thing Americans think is that we all have bad teeth, which is a fallacy.

3 things we're bad and good at.

1 - Coffee. Ours is pretty dire. American coffee is the best. <==Just wait, there will be a Starbucks on your corner next week.

2 - Service. Our restaurant/store service is light years behind the U.S. <==there is no excuse for that!!!!

3 - We are too diplomatic. We tend to avoid tough decisions. Yanks don't tend to fear challenge.

1 - Chocolate and Cheese. Ours is the best. Hersheys taste like wax to me.<==a Hershey bar is not supposed to taste like chocolate, it tastes like, well, a Hershey bar- it is the taste of the water in Hershey Pennsylvania (if you touch a piece of bentonite clay to your tongue it tastes just like a Hershey bar)

2 - Music. For such a small country we have a magnificent musical heritage. I love the diversity.<==pity there is no blog there devoted to music

3 - Our tolerance. I take it as a positive.

Graham said...

Being a Brit if i don't drink at least 8 cups of tea a day i go deranged like a crackhead without a rock. I once had a kettle with no whistle then forgot it was on the stove. The next thing i know i smell smoke (I live dangerously with no smoke alarm , what a risk thrill!) Anyway , the plastic handle melted all down the side of the kettle and onto the stove. It was like hot tar and wouldn't budge. When it had cooled down it took me hours hacking away with a chisel to get the damn stuff off the cooker. The kettle was history , i now brew my tea-bag in the cup.
Note to fellow Americans: British tea has about the same amount of caffeine as a can of Coca-Cola.

Graham -- You're talking at a guy who set fire to his underwear in a microwave, so I understand how these things can happen.

Graham said...

I have really bad teeth
That's because the dentist spends all his time working on Ben