Monday, February 13, 2006

You would think "Vice President Shoots Lawyer" would be the weirdest story of the day...

But you'd be wrong wounded-quail breath.

Woman charged with smuggling human head -- she was arrested Thursday, charged with failing to declare the head to customs.

Penis enlargement surgery a waste of time -- [misleading spam, who would have guessed] -- "The average increase in length is 1.3 cm (0.5 inches) which isn't very much and the dissatisfaction rate was in excess of 70 percent."

Man's Elbow, Mistaken for Squirrel, Shot -- [not a good day to be in the woods] -- Golden Township, Michigan - A man was shot and injured when his hunting partner mistook his elbow for a squirrel.

Experts believe dogs growl with regional accent -- The idea for the research came with the re-release of the 1955 Disney classic Lady and The Tramp on a special edition DVD.

You can fool some of the fish some of the time . . -- Fool-a-Fish comes in a bottle that sprays titanium dioxide on fishing lures and bait. The chemical lights up the watery depths like a disco ball, luring fish up to half a mile away. -- HURRY, you might still be able to order some in time for Valentine's Day!

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The Phoenix said...

Smuggling a human head? It's a shame - this lady gives other Hatian Voodoo worshipinig witch doctors such a bad name.<== no one seemed concerned whose human head it had been, seems like that should be question #1

You give some wiseguy that titanium dioxide spray, I doubt he'll use it for fishing. Yuck. <== would add a whole new dimension to streaking!! :)