Saturday, April 08, 2006

"I can see clearly now, my pants are gone!"

UPDATE: Steve left a comment at the original Steve Coombs, actor, licensed driver post.

Steve Coombs, actor and licensed driver, has posted a picture of himself from A Picture of Dorian Gray on his website. The photo above is a cropped version of that photo. All of you hoping for a more revealing picture got your wish, almost.

"I can see clearly now, my pants are gone!" (April 9, 2006)
To Be or Not To Be, with marinara sauce (April 9, 2006)
The Roar of the Greasepaint, The Smell of the Exhaust (April 13, 2006)


The Phoenix said...

Non-sexual nudity. That sounds like something Johnny Cochran would have come up with if defending a flasher.
What we have here is Phoenix posting a comment at the same time that I was editing the original post -- so, as written, his comment makes no sense.

On Mr. Coombs' website, he copied and pasted some information about the play he is appearing in in LA. This included the line: "This production contains non-sexual nudity." My thought was that if I were naked on a stage, I would not want it to be referred to as "non-sexual" -- more along the lines of "they were fainting in the aisles" and "the police had to be called to control the frenzied riot." I made a couple jokes but decided they were not up to the high standards and penetrating satire of my usual penis humor so I nuked that part of the post. I also thought that Mr. Coombs adding that the run of the play had been "extended" just screamed out for a Viagra joke, but I nuked that part also.

Meagan said...

I find that fabulous that he commented on your blog. I believe I would like to meet this Mr Coombs. :-)

love meagan
send an email to him and tell him you'd like to buy lunch if he's ever in Oregon

Meagan said...

oh geeze. :-)