Friday, April 28, 2006

Four out of five dentists recommend

Cuz we just cannot get enough of The Phoenix -- with his blog, his podcasts, his streaking through the Schnucks at Mid Rivers Mall -- now he's posting on other people's blogs. He claims he's "guest blogging" on Belle Of The Brawl, but we all know how he uses his little alien friends and the astral bodied ghouls conjured up by his resident soothsayers to augment his ever expanding empire.

You should give it a read!!!!!!


The Phoenix said...


Actually, I'm utilizing what's called Xenu technology. Tom Cruise is a big advocate of it. I'm able to actually project my essence and possess others. That's how I took over Sar's blog over there.

Hey...I cut a deal with the judge. I'm to clean the Schnuck's parking lot every week at six months in exchange for my public nudity charge to be wiped clean from my record.

Yowza..."nudity" and "wiped clean" in once sentence.

Have a great weekend!
streaking while wearing your aluminum foil hat must have looked pretty freaky -- I wonder if anyone has ever been naked inside of a Schnucks, besides the butchers of course

Meagan said...

He IS everywhere! Bummer I'm so far away and missed out on that Schnuck's outing...

The Belle of the Brawl blog was fun.

love meagan
the usual sequence is UFO's --> fortune tellers --> astral projection, so he should be visiting you soon -- he might take a side trip into reincarnation, I personally plan to return as '62 Chevy, so someone polishes me all day and takes me to parades

stan said...

I remember last year, when being everywhere at once was my claim to fame...
your claim to fame is having 90% of the blogs in the blogosphere

David Amulet said...

Several of my posts have actually been my fingers, but channeling thoughts of The Phoenix. It's oddly relaxing.

Which posts, you ask? Whichever ones you like least, of course. He's evil like that ... evil!!!

(Here's to you, Phoenix!)

-- david
if he could just channel the winning Lotto numbers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jillian said...

Can I get a "Whoop-Whoop" for THE PHOENIX?!

his next post will be "College students who think they're cranes"

stan said...

po-tay-to, po-tah-to

that was fun, can we play again???