Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Doggie Rule 267b Sec. XVI.2

Rule A. If you see a camera, you must put your face in front of it.
Rule B. The more you are told to get back, the closer you must get to the lense.
Rule C. If yelled at, put nose-print on said lense.

(And, no, I don't know why his ears are folded back on top of his head. He came upstairs that way. I don't know what he was doing before he came upstairs. I don't know how he gets them up there. It's Rooty, he barely tolerates me being in the same house.)


dusty said...

Wire-haired Fox's are a strange breed..my youngest sis has one..hes a freak but I love him.They do seem to be an agressive breed..but you knew that right?
male wirehairs are usually very aggressive in their own way -- they are very friendly and loving and then will bite your hand if you try to pet them or bite the back of your leg when you walk away, they will also catch and kill all the birds in your yard -- they are definitely not a bred to have if you have children --

and then there's Rooty, who was literally born in a day care center, loves everyone, once caught a chipmunk and spit it out, and saves all of his aggression for the dust buster, vacuum cleaner, and lawn mover

The Phoenix said...

It looks like Rooty's wearing a tuke hat.
he hates hats, but he likes his winter overcoat -- but they do have tuke (tuque) hats for dogs

Kay said...

That's pretty damn cute. Love those curly-haired dogs.
when he has a bath, he solid spit-curls, thousands of them

Bruce said...

We used to call those "Sunday ears" on our dachshund when we were growing up. It does seem that dogs do have a certain fondness for the camera, doesn't it?
why "Sunday ears"?????????

he does like the regular camera -- he has not figured out the cell-phone camera as yet

Amy in SC soon to be STL said...

My ex's lab used to get her ears folded back like that. I think she thought she looked chic that way.
he was probably outside in the wind, he likes to let the wind blow his ears, I don't think it was a fashion statement

Carnealian said...

Rooty is too stinkin funny! That's a great pic!
I was trying to take a picture of the underside of the bed. Every time I would move a little, he would move right in front of me.