Monday, April 10, 2006

Maybe, just maybe, democracy can go too far...

Remember Dress Kevin, the website where you get to vote on what Kevin wears each day and with each change of clothes during the day?

Now we have Make Me Watch TV, where you get to vote on what TV programs Aric has to watch (see result above).

These seem to be unclaimed in case you want to start your own website:
pick what I
pick which condom I
pick what I hit myself in the head
pick which McDonald's I go
pick which laundry I wash
pick which friend I
pick which brain cells atrophy


Amy in SC said...

We already have "pick what I eat" down here.... at least my friends do; because they always make me pick where we're going for lunch. After 5-10 minutes of "I don't know, what're you hungry for?" I break down and just pick.
they are the people who hit the EXIT sign 'cuz they cannot decide if they want to exit

The Phoenix said...

He shouldn't complain, "Deal or No Deal" is a great show. He should pray he doesn't have to watch the Antique Road Show.

I guess people don't like to decide for themselves. "Which friend to dump?"

scary that Howie Mandel is the most sensible person on that show, or any show

Bruce said...

I have no problem dumping friends(I just jettisoned an entire boatload a couple months back); I'm practically celibate(not by choice, mind you); I don't do Mickey D's anymore; laundry, eh....; and my brain cells atyrophy at a rate of about a million a day. I guess that leaves eating and pounding myself in the head. I think I'll choose pick what I for $1000, Alex.
to all law enforcement officials, Bruce is speaking metaphorically when he says that he "jettisoned an entire boatload" of people -- it is well know that he cut them up and used them for bait

:P fuzzbox said...

I am going to have to run a poll on 'What I should hit myself on the head with.' I just have to think of some non-lethal materials.
raw eggs hurt, you won't think that they would, but they do