Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The hills are alive with the sound of ... YES YES YES

Reuters reports that Switzerland is going to use sex to attract women tourists this summer -- specifically futbol-widows whose husbands and boyfriends are fixated on the World Cup:

"Why not escape this summer's World Cup to a country where men spend less time on football, and more time on you?," asks the Swiss TV advertisement, over images of a strapping farmhand, a sexy train conductor, a fit mountain climber, a dapper ferryman and a brawny lumberjack." [Emphasis added -- not too subtle is it?]

The TV spot ends with Renzo Blumenthal, Mr. Switzerland 2005, milking and then leaning up against a cow.


The Phoenix said...

Nothing like using adultry to promote tourism. The Swiss are so darn creative that way.
pimping would have to be the very oldest profession when you think about it

Amy in SC said...

Oh baby, I'm so there.... I mean, I really should go to Switzerland and learn more about my heritage.
none of them are actors, and Mr. Switzrland does live on his parent's farm, so happy hunting!

Bruce said...

The lumberjack reference reminds me of the Monty Python skit; "I'm a lumberjack and it's ok"...
wish I had thought of that, I'd used it as the title of the post -- my guess is that is 50% or more of the reason for the ad, the Swiss are very tolerant and have a "Gay and Lesbian category listed under "Experiences" on their official tourist website