Wednesday, April 26, 2006

For Sale, House on Woolf Street

Literally on Woolf Street

(No, I don't know what the explanation for this is. The corner of the house hangs over the top of the curb. Following are a couple extra photos. The second seems to suggest that the side of the house has sustained impacts. There's a surprise.)


The Phoenix said...

It looks like the whole house just slid off it's foundation. That's a money pit right there.

There's a street in St. Ann called "Easy Street."
Lazy Lane is the major street through River Oaks, the Houston suburb where the oil executives live --

the house in the picture might be a duplex, probably built by the railroad (since the tracks were the backyard) -- the list is stillnot up, my guess is $125,000, a quick sell at 100K

Sar said...

I always wonder what the realtors think when they have to promote and try to sell houses like these. Can you imagine bringing any potential buyers to it? Goodness.
it is still not online, there are two houses just up the street for 295K and 315K -- local housing prices have gone insane, everyone trying to escape Missouri (sorry Phoenix)

Jillian said...

Wow I had to take a closer look at that one Jim - Just decided to drop in and check out a few of your posts...again. ;-)

I was confused at first I was like "Um so is the awning hanging over onto the street or something?" and then I saw that an actual part of the house was hanging over and woah...I wonder why it was built that way??
I will try to get a better picture -- I still think it was built by the railroad, which just did whatever it wanted -- but, I will try to find out

stan said...

I think real estate agents must try to determine the price of good scrap lumber to use as a selling point.
I'll go by later today and take a better picture -- there is also another house close by that is a little strange