Monday, April 24, 2006

"Honey, I poisoned the kids!"

Who? Why?
"I'm in a hurry to go vote, I'll just eat this one raw."


Meagan said...

There is one big huge reason why I find it hilarious that you posted this: Last night I was cooking a partypizza and noticed it said in bold letters on the box in two separate places, "COOK THOROUGHLY". I thought that was really funny and took a picture to blog about it.

This must be another one of those "great minds..." cases.

love meagan
my favorite has always been a mail-in offer on the inside of a book of matches -- if you pull the matches apart it always says "Do Not Mail Matches" -- first, you have to pull the matches off to fill out the form, and second, what ying yang would mail matches???????

Scott said...

That's too funny, I just want to know who in the right mind would eat a frozen pizza in the first place??
it was bad enough cooked!!!!!!

Carnealian said...

Hmmm, does kinda make you wonder doesn't it. I mean, would a frozen pizza even taste good? Or would it taste more like frozen cardboard than when it's cooked?
did you ever eat a frozen cookie, probably a lost worse than that

Meagan said...

Now, now, now, you all are mocking one of the best inventions in pre-packed food: Party Pizza.

I can't vouch for any other brands of frozen pizza, but Party Pizza is fabulous mainly because it doesn't even pretend to be "Quality Pizza".

Bruce said...

That's why I have Papa John's on speed dial...

stan said...

I grew up on those darned Party Pizzas. They are about four steps below 7-Eleven in the overall hierarchy of pizzas:

227. 7-Eleven Pizza Slurpee
228. Hair 'n' Chewed-Gum Pizza
229. Rusty Razor Blade Pizza
230. Only-Dropped-Thrice Pizza
231. "Party" Pizza

That said, they are still delicious in their own way.