Monday, April 03, 2006

No new posts for a couple days until we get the debris from Sunday's storm cleaned up. Only minor damage, but lots of it.


stan said...

I hope everyone's okay, and that your repairs won't be ridiculously expensive.

Rooty probably has some new things to chew on, I'll bet.
The was one death at Fairview Heights when a store roof fell in, and a hiker killed over in St. Louis County. The storms killed a total of 23, hardest hit was Tennessee. This might sound funy, but they were mean storms, pushing 50-80 MPH winds ahead of themselves before the rain and hair -- so by looking at the clouds you thought you had time!!!!!!!

We had no power for 24 hours but I'm prepared for that with emergency lights and the fireplace. A tree hit a transformer at the end of the street and it caught fire. I have limbs EVERYWHERE and some trim off of the house but did not lose any whole trees. Unlike the neighbors, I don't seem to have roof damage. There was some damage to some electrical systems when the wind popped the cover off of an electrical control panel in the yard. It is just going to take a couple days to get all of this cleaned up and put back together.

Rooty hates storms, he hides on TOP of the sofa -- I know -- but it makes sense to him.

Amy in SC said...

Wow! Sorry to hear about all the damage. Dad sent mom to the basement because the sky looked green. Their dog won't go in the basement so she and dad weathered out the storm in the family room. Luckily this time they didn't have damage. Two years ago lightening struck a tree in the back yard and they just finished the tree removal/electrical system repairs this summer.
I was in Missouri -- her dog will go to the basement, mom won't

The Phoenix said...

My fence was damaged, lots of limbs and debris in my yard as well. I had gone outside to see, and I saw this swirling mass of clouds traveling was weird to see stuff circling in the air like that. I thought to myself that if that thing would touchdown, my house was a gonner.

It sounded like jet engines roaring.
besides knowing when it's midnight, these Spring storms seem to know exactly were I-70 and I-44 are -- I assume we'll soon have a post from you about alien ships hiding in thunderstorms, were there any Reese's Pieces wrappers in swirl?

Bruce said...

Hope everything and everyone is ok. We got a mini version of that same storm system yesterday, tornado watches included. None materialized, though, thankfully.
it certainly has been an interesting Spring so far

:P fuzzbox said...

It's good to see that you and Rooty are alright.
thanks. we're tough, what's a hail storm or two to the head.
thanks. we're tough, what's a hail storm or two to the head.
thanks. we're tough, what's a hail storm or two to the head.