Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Again, drink less....

...or get new friends!
(look closely at the sofa)


Ranea said...

They didn't shave off your eyebrows did they?
shaving eyebrows seems to have become much more common, it used to be the worst thing!!!!!! now it seems just another part of various initiations and drunken pranks, even to the groom at the bachelor party

Spinster said...

I'm betting that the table breaks before he wakes up.
the fact that someone thought to do that just amazes me!!!!! like you, I would not have thought that the coffee table would support the weight

The Phoenix said...

Or maybe he'll roll right off and slam onto the wood floor.
and it's such a nice floor, I would hate if it were damaged, the guy is probably pretty "damaged" already :)

David Amulet said...

I have seen some funny things done to passed-out drunks -- hell, I've done some of said things -- but this one is AWESOME. You just made my day.

-- david
how about this guy??

Amy in SC said...

Wow the worst thing we ever did at Rolla involved a sharpie and duct tape. Impressive...
I think the guys who did this to their buddy win "Most Create Use of A Sharpie"

stan said...

It's a new website in the making:

"Stuff on my Drunk"