Sunday, April 30, 2006

Finally, something useful!

Guys, you got a school board meeting that you have to attend? Maybe she has opera tickets for tonight? Is the preacher really long-winded on Sunday mornings? Not another a chic-flick?

Just in time -- a container for your booze disguised as a beer-belly! That's right, people won't realize that you're sipping the sauce -- they'll just think you have a massive gut. And, don't forget about getting an extra one for mom, she has all those bridal showers to attend in the spring, and next Sunday is Mother's Day!


Jillian said...

I just have one thing to say:


Wow that was really good ha ha - I like the last picture where you can see the hanging stomach which looks clearly fake just drooping all over the place.

Excellent photos!
amazing what ideas people have -- and, I think that's the same guy

This Guy said...

I hear they're coming out with one for women to wear as well- it's called the Wine Rack.
I think there is a fanny-pak, I'll see if I can find a link