Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to our Orthodox Christian friends who are celebrating Easter today!


Meagan said...

my piano teacher is russian orthodox...poor guy's been "lent-ing" for a whole extra week!
I thought you taught piano, I'm so confused!

The PHOENIX said...

Blogger ate Phoenix's original post:

Wow, I don't know any Orthodox Christians. Are the rest of us unorthodox for celebrating early?
you probably don't know that you do know some Orthodox Christians, since we stopped making them wear the Scarlet O's --

Here is a list of Orthodox Churches in the St. Louis area -- many have annual dinners or festivals that are open to the public -- St. Nicholas Church at Forest Park Blvd and Kingshighway is probably the best known (photo below):
St. Basil the Great Orthodox Church -- St. Louis, MO
St. John Chrysostom Orthodox Church -- House Springs, MO
Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church -- St. Louis, MO
St. John the Theologian Serbian Orthodox -- Glendale
St. Nicholas Church (GOA) -- St. Louis, MO
Assumption Church (GOA) -- Town & Country, MO
St. Michael the Archangel Church (OCA) -- St. Louis MO
Christ the Good Shepherd Mission (OCA) -- St. Louis, MO
St. Thomas the Apostle Romanian Orthodox -- St. Louis, MO
Antiochian Orthodox Christian Mission of St. Louis -- Webster Groves, MO

Holy Dormition Russian Patriarchal Church -- Benld, IL
Holy Trinity Bulgarian Orthodox Church -- Madison, IL
The Nativity of the Virgin Mary (OCA) -- Madison, IL
Protection of the Virgin Mary Orthodox Church (OCA) -- Royalton, IL
Sts. Constantine and Helen (GOA) -- Swansea, IL
Sts. Cyril and Methody (OCA) -- Granite City, IL

In addition, there are three Roman Catholic Churches in the St. Louis area that follow the Eastern Rite of the Roman Catholic Church rather than the more familiar Latin Rite -- this means that they have liturgies similar to Orthodox Churches and their priests can marry but they are under the authority of the Pope and are considered to be "parishes" of the St. Louis Archdiocese:
St, Raymond's Cathedral (Lebanonize ) -- St. Louis
St. Louis Byzantine (Ruthenian) Church -- Florissant
St. Mary Assumption Ukrainian Catholic Church -- St. Louis County

Not confused enough, there is also St. Joseph Croatian Parish in St. Louis (on S 12th), which has mass in Croatian but is a Latin Rite church. Here is the picture of St. Nicholas Church:

Meagan said...

the best teachers are also students!!! :-D
the best teachers are always bribable :)