Monday, April 17, 2006

Make up your own I-270 joke...

Only 43% of drivers say they use their turn signals when changing lanes, that means that 57% don’t!

We all knew it, but how scary to see the actual numbers. Worse yet, here are the reasons people gave in a national survey for not using their signals:

==> 42% of drivers who say they do not use their signals when switching lanes say they don’t have enough time!

==> 23% say they are too lazy!

==> 17% don’t signal because are afraid they will forget to turn it off!

==> 12% say they changing lanes too frequently to bother!

==> 11% say it is not important!

==> 8% say they don’t signal because other drivers don’t!

and perhaps most scary, 7% say that not using the signal “adds excitement to driving.”

Source: Response Insurance


Amy in SC said...

I have to admit, I'm in the 57%. However, I don't use my signal because usually drivers who see a signal speed up and refuse to let a person merge or change lanes. So, I've generally quit using it. Just this morning I was trying to get over in the curb land so I could get onto the bridge. I stupidly used my signal and the person sped up so I couldn't get over. Then I slowed WAY down to get over and they slowed back down. BAH!
the rule is that you get to protect the space in front of you within 1/2 mile of an exit -- not sure why anyone would want to protect the space behind them???????????

:P fuzzbox said...

I am all for excitement but dang can't they play I spy or something.
that really is scary isn't it! and, we're not talking about teens playing "race-car driver" but adults, who vote and have mortgages -- these are the names the insurance company gave to the drivers:

Dare Devils <== I would have termed them lunatics

Scott said...

Hey Jim,
hope all is well with you and Rooty!!!
Hi Scott -- we're going fine!

The Phoenix said...

That final 7% probably has a low life expectancy.
you can find every kind in that short stretch on 270 between 70 and 40!