Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter: UPDATED with eggs just for you!

Easter Eggs are hidden features or novelties that a programmer or webmaster have puts in software or a website. Here are some websites with eggs -- hope you are having a great Easter. -- in the search box, type: we love clickey -- this site works just like Google Maps, you can surf around on the surface of the moon, courtesy of NASA and Google -- move the zoom all the way to it's max position -- click the ABOUT US button on left -- scroll down to the second picture, the folks standing around the company sign -- click on the head of the tall blonde guy on the middle (only his head is clickable)

From Rooty the Dog, the rest of the family, and me - have a terrific day!


The Phoenix said...

Happy Easter to you too. Hey, I think the bottom right one has a conjoined twin.
Phoenix -- Happy Easter to you and yours, hide an egg for me!!!!!

I think it's moon for the larger egg.

The Phoenix said...

Ooops. I meant bottom left one.
I had the same problem with right and left in ROTC -- always marching the wrong way.

Amy in SC said...

Happy Easter back at ya! My mother actually asked me if I was going to dye eggs this week. I live alone, like I'm going to boil a dozen eggs just for me, mix up half a dozen dyes and get the kitchen all messy just so I can peel and eat pretty eggs? She then responded with, "Well, I'm dying a dozen for your father and me."
dye raw eggs, give them to friends, it's the Easter version of Bah Humbug

:P fuzzbox said...

And a hoppy Easter to you as well.
enjoy the day Fuzz

Carnealian said...

Happy Easter Jim! And a special Easter wish goes to Rooty!! Hope he gets a really big Easter basket!
I always buy him a fuzzy toy that hops or wiggles, which he totally destroys

Ranea said...

Have a Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter Jim and Rooty!
there are young squirrels in a tree, he has worn himself to a frazzle