Saturday, April 29, 2006


Click to enlarge.
If circles spin, you have read too many blogs today. Seek human companionship.


Robert said...

I failed the "Blog-Overload-Meter" test! I must be a looser. I wonder if it would work without those little red anchors?
it did not work for me at first, but then I could see some movement -- for some people it appears to move so fast they think it's an animation --

--ps -- when it does move, it can make you seasick fast!

Jillian said...

Yeah I saw it kind of moving in the smaller picture - but then I opened up the bigger one and WOAH. It started giving me a headache about 5 seconds into watching it.

You're right about that one - for me it was like looking at an animation of sorts - weird.
if you close your eyes after looking at it you'll feel even sicker