Thursday, April 27, 2006

Waiter, there's a fry in my soup!

Rooty and I went to McDonald's for lunch. The car in the drive-thru ahead of us ordered a #6 (Double Cheeseburger Meal) -- and then added: "Make sure the beef is lean!" Clearly someone who has not grasped the concept of McDonald's, where all patties are as homogeneous as modern technology can make them, and all 18 year-olds taking drive-thru orders are as far removed from the kitchen as they are from giving a damn.

It reminded me of the last time I went to a Denny's. When the waitress asked what we wanted to drink, one of the women in our group said "A Brandy Alexander." Stunned silence ensued.


Meagan said...

I've tried to order a cocktail at Sharis before.
Shari's Restaurant is the largest full service restaurant chain in the Pacific Northwest. Shari's has 97 restaurant locations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Wyoming, and Nebraska -- coffee and gravy but no booze

The Phoenix said...

I bet that guy ahead of you got special seasoning on his burger.
unless there's a button for it on the register, it ain't gonna happen

Carnealian said...

God, I love to freak people out with that kind of comment! I usually ask for a double martini though.
you're just a rebel!

Amy in SC soon to be STL said...

If I had to eat at Denny's I'd want an alcoholic beverage also.

Meanwhile, I'll have to try the lean burger thing at McD's. It's bound to give me a giggle.
and I was going to take you to Denny's!

Meagan said...

Oh. I guess you mid-west (right? midwest?) people don't have Shari's. I thought it was everywhere. :-) Probably because as Jim says, coffee and gravy but no booze. Who wants to go to a place like that?
the rest of us figure that everyone in the NW lives exclusively on coffee and gravy

Bruce said...

Nothin' like a Big Mac and a nice pinot noir to make your evening...
I have a vague memory of one of the fast food chains trying to serve drinks and fancy meals after 7:00 PM, maybe just a fantasy

Jillian said...

LOL Jim - That's pretty good.

Lean beef at McDonald's?? That's like asking for sugar-free chocolate. It just doesn't go together. ;-)
just "beef" by itself is probably stretching it

stan said...

I call Shari's the House of Hexagon, because all locations are the exact same hexagonal shape. Plus, it's all booths, no central tables. Weird.

Good hot chocolate, though