Thursday, March 16, 2006

Steve Coombs, actor, licensed driver


Meagan said...


love meagan
"Angels rush in where Fools fear to tread"

Meagan said...

Oh, and about the post... I especially like "temperature 98.6"!

This looks like an actor's resume, like one he'd bring to an audition, and I actually do ask people when they're auditioning for me if they have a drivers license. :-)

love meagan
Meagan is correct -- the photo and resume belong to actor Steve Coombs -- he is currently appearing in LA in A Picture of Dorian Gray (based on the novel by Oscar Wilde titled The Picture of Dorian Gray).

Carnealian said...

I'm in the process of updating my resume. I'll have to remember to include that life skill along with breathing and eating. I'm pretty good at the both of those as well!

Anonymous said...

i used to date this guy...he's actually really good in the show.
He is also in a March 31st post.

I should have added to either post that his reviews were generally very good.

who dumped whom????? :)

steve said...

I admit it is silly - but in NYC many people don't drive or have a license - and therefore it is normal to put it on your resume. That way they can cast you for spots with cars. I just came out to LA so... haven't changed that yet. I will replace it with eating and breathing. thanks everybody.
this blog is pretty much about silly