Tuesday, March 07, 2006

You cannot let college students vote on things...

They're college student, they're always going to go for the joke!

Students at Hood College in Maryland recently elected a woman Homecoming King!

The classic occurred in 1968, however, when students of the University of Colorado at Boulder voted to name their new cafeteria the Alferd E. Packer Memorial Grill -- Packer's claim to fame is that in 1874 he allegedly ate five of his traveling companions. That's right, they named the school cafeteria after an admitted cannibal.

On the wall of the cafeteria is a giant map outlining Packer's travels through Colorado -- on the menu is a popular meat-filled concoction called "El Canibal."

During the trial, the judge is reputed to have said, "Damn you, Alferd Packer! There were only five Democrats in Hinsdale County and you ate them all!" Colorado has pretty much been a Red State ever since.

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