Tuesday, March 28, 2006

In case you have ever wondered....

This is what a cell phone looks like after it has been in the washing machine.

Clean, but much less functional.


The Phoenix said...

Ouch...I was wondering where that splotch of moisture had come from there in the corner of the picture.
the picture does not show it, but there is actually water behind the screen that moves around!

I was just on your site trying to get the podcast thing to work, I'll try later tonight.

Amy in SC said...

I accidentally dropped mine in a boat's live well. (don't ask)I took it apart and totally dried it out but it still didn't work. The nice man at the Verizon store fixed me phone that suddenly stopped working. He said something had shorted out.
I think mine is probably beyond that -- it was not just in the water, it got washed, detergent and all -- they are sending a new one

Ranea said...

Take it back, and blame the kids that what I do!
oh, the adult-version of "my dog ate my homework" :)

stan said...

I have a friend named Riley Armstrong whose latest album has a song about a cell phone in a washing machine. It's kind of a funny song.
It was real cute, swishing this way, splashing back the other way, holding on for dear life during the spin cycle.

moni said...

Well Jim, I recently dropped my cell phone in a bucket water. It too had water floating about inside. I took the back off to air out the battery but still doesn't work..at least it didn't for me. My son just emailed me that he has the thing working..so that's good.
Moni -- the cell-phone company replaced it for free -- I talked to them on Tuesday afternoon and they had the new phone here by 1:00 PM today (Thursday) -- it was supposed to be the same model but they sent a much better phone --

--and, let me remind everyone that most cell phone stores have collection boxes for old phones, which are refurbished and then given to abused women's centers