Thursday, March 30, 2006

Googlie Wooglie

The inner workings of Google are a strange and mysterious thing. The Googlers tweak with it's innards all the time to thwart Google-whores and click-through scam artists.

Meagan is a blogger who sometimes visits it's jim and leaves comments.
That is the only explanation I have for why a Google search of

"cyber girl Meagan from elimidate"
would rank it's jim as number one (search results).

The Google searcher was from Chicago, Illinois.


Meagan said...

If I were on elimidate I am 1000000% positive I would be eliminated asap. Because I would be mocking the shallow guy and the other girls constantly. :-)

love meagan
the contestants on Elimidate and the contestants on Street Smart share a common gene pool, the shallow end

Meagan said...

oh, and p.s. I'm not a blogger who "sometimes visits itsjim"... I always visit itsjim!!

love meagan
and often the only bright spot in my day!!!

The Phoenix said...

Or maybe you'd get kicked off because you refused to kiss another girl while fondling each other in the jacuzzi. I can't stand that show.