Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Doesn't this mean just the opposite of what they want...

Isn't the cliff, you know, behind of the sign.


The Phoenix said...

Death can be final.
death is nature's way of telling you to slow down

Jim said...

Here is a post from Meagan -- it and my reply vanished:

Meagan: You'd think that freaky little picture would be plenty warning without their words.
Jim: It is a freaky little picture isn't it! The guy seems to have propelled into space rather than drop like a rock -- and he is the same size as the cliff -- and why is it always a guy who get splatted, smashed, or fried????

Meagan said...

Now, Jim. That could so much just as well be a woman! Why do you think it must be a man? Because the simple line-sketch isn't wearing a triangle? What woman would wear a triangle to go hiking near a cliff anyway?

:-D There's my feminist rant for the day. I mean, for the year.

love meagan
did you notice he/she has no feet, maybe that's why he/she fell