Monday, March 20, 2006

Sleet Happens!

Rooty and I just took the trash out -- it's sleeting. The sleet is supposed to change to snow in a few hours. The irony, of course, is that it's the first day of Spring.

I don't care, however, because the threat of four or more inches of snow has resulted in my favorite annual TV news story -- people who wait until it starts to snow before they buy a snow shovel. Do they just have no sense of planning ahead?

The photo is of Rooty and I last year -- this is what it's supposed to be like by morning! I have the snow plow gassed up and I'm ready to rumble!!


Bruce said...

A week ago, it hit 82 here and today it was a balmy 33. That's just wrong...
You have 33 -- we had 106 a week ago and now its -58. :)

The Phoenix said...

It was a strange mix last night - rain, sleet, and snow all at once. I got pelted in the eyes a couple times from the sleet when I was walking the dogs.

Snoopy has fully recovered...not bad for an old guy (12 yrs old).
glad Snoopy is doing better!

we had heavy sleet, which gets down into Rooty's thick spit-curls -- it was like have ice delivered everytime he went outside -- we had about 4 inches of snow later, major pretty, stuck to all the trees