Friday, March 31, 2006

Looking for Dorian Gray in all the wrong places

There is a March 16th post below about Steve Coombs, an actor who is appearing in a play in LA based on Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. I had recently reread the book (it’s a free download) and, therefore, I read reviews of the play as I came across them on the web. Mr. Coombs plays Dorian Gray, some of the time apparently without any clothes on.

All of the reviews praise the play for being a faithful adaptation of the book. Oddly enough, however, the book has no nude scenes in it that I can recall – to the contrary, Wilde usually describes what Dorian is wearing in great detail. There are vague reference in the book to affairs with married women, and undefined relationships with men, but little if any detail is provided. The premise of the book is that Dorian’s portrait ages, and becomes grotesque because of the evil life that he leads, while he remains young and handsome.

I went to Mr. Coombs’ website to see if he looks like Wilde’s extensive description of Dorian. That is where I discovered that he lists his driver’s license on his resume. I thought that was funny and did a quick post. There was a Top Ten list with it (The Top Ten Ways To Pad Your Resume) but I removed it because a couple visitors though I was making fun of Mr. Coombs.

Over the past several days, there has been a flurry of visitors to It’s Jim via Google searching for “Steve Coombs" -- Welcome! -- but there are no nude pictures of him here.

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The Phoenix said...

Oh boy...I hope you didn't get in trouble. I know that way back when I did the post about the anti-alien brainwashing thing you could buy and put over your head, that I got some hits from the inventor...but my tone wasn't sarcastic enough maybe??? I doubt it. Maybe he was tired of defending himself, as the inventor is constantly going to websites and forums defending his stupid invention.
until I completely removed the post, the #1 Google search pulling visitors to my site was that mini-trampoline thing intended to enhance sexual performance -- I so hope none of those visitors was the inventor!!!!

and, I'm always in trouble

Jim said...

A visitor to my prevous post that mentions Steve Coombs added a comment that Steve does a good acting job in A Picture of Dorian Gray. I should have had added to either or both posts that his reviews have generally been very good. Jim