Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Tax Man Camest!

TurboTax and I finally finished the taxes.
I sent them off electronically.
Please send food, clothing, shelter.


Ranea said...

FICA, who's FICA? And who said they could take all my money??
FICA is the Social Security tax (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) -- never mess with FICA, it's what they really care about -- if you are self-employed or otherwise receive a Form 1099, be sure to pay the self-employment Social Security tax, it is want they really care about!

The Phoenix said...

FICA - federal income confiscation association
Dear IRS: The opinions expressed by Phoenix are entirely his own. Your friend and admirer, Jim

Amy in SC said...

I can send homemade jelly. I'd have my mom bring it by, but I wouldn't subject anyone to a lonely 77 year old woman who's baby daughter has moved across the country.
what kind of Jelly? blackberry is my favorite, expecially good if you sneak into someone else's patch and pick the berries!