Thursday, March 30, 2006

What is it?

It's about the size of a quarter -- scroll down to see.

It's a meat thermometer for steaks.


Ranea said...

Who needs that? Around here its pretty much knock off his horns,wipe his a$$ and send him on out here!Ha Ha
so much for your guests, what do you do to the cows?

The Phoenix said...

That thing is tiny. I'd be afraid of accidentally leaving it in and having someone swallow that thing. Ouchies.
I bought two, you just know someone is eventually going to sit on one!

Carnealian said...

don't think I'll ever be needin one of those, but very handy little sucker!
I am the worst cook ever so I need all the techie help that I can get.

I also absolutely cannot fry an egg -- if anyone spots something that will help with that unfathomable process, please let me know (DO NOT send cooking instructions!!!!!!! They will NOT help!!!!!)

Carnealian said...

Well I hate everything I cook. I'll be happy to cook, but don't expect me to eat it.
I'm ever worse at cleaning up than I am at cooking, just one more reason that we go to McDonald's two or three times a day (just got back in fact)