Thursday, March 16, 2006

Not sure you'll make it 'til the end of the week...

These two guys can help!

NOTE: I put all five of the videos from our two Chinese friends on one page. Click HERE or the image above.


Jim said...

I was responding to a comment from Spinster earlier today when we lost power -- Blogger used that as an excuse to eat the comment and my response. I have reconstructed both below.

Does the guy in the background even know what's going on????
He mostly just sits there. These two guys have other videos -- I have but them all on: All Chinese Videos

There are outtakes on a couple of the videos, at the end, that are funny.

spinster said...

Addidas should use these guys as spokesmen.
probably not a bad idea -- these guys are major popular -- there is an outtake at the end of one of the videos where they try to do a song in costume but keep breaking up (there is a third guy in it) -- I wonder if they are treated as celebrities in China