Wednesday, March 22, 2006

This is what Dave thinks his wedding is going to be like...

For new visitors: Dave is my second cousin once removed. For a long time he has been my house-sitter and Rooty-the-Dog sitter when I'm out of town. When he talks, he uses a lot of nicknames that he has for people and places, and he makes many obscure references. I call this dave-speak.

He called Sunday evening.

Dave: How was St. Patrick's Day?

Jim: We has a good time. What did you do?

Dave: Cold Tamoles, then The Fraggles. [He had dinner at Taco Bell (which he always calls Cold Tamoles), and then drove out to Franklin County to see his fiancee -- he now refers to her, her two kids, and her two German Sheppards as "The Fraggles."]

Jim: Did she like her (engagement) ring?

Dave: Yah, she said to thank you, we should do that again, it was fun. [Dave, a friend of mine, and myself picked out the ring.]

Jim: Davie she only gets one engagement ring?

Dave: Why? She already has two, why not three? [He had me there, so I just mumbled something into the phone.]
Dave: Does Rooty miss me?

Jim: He's taken every toy out of his toy closet, maybe he thinks you're in there!

Dave: *Laugh*

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The Phoenix said...

Why does he refer to his future wife, her two kids, and her two dogs as "Fraggles?"

Do they live in some secret cave underneath some old guy's house?

You know...I saw something very interesting about dogs and when their owners are away. They did an experiment where they filmed the owner shopping, and the dog still at home.

You could tell the dog missed his owner, as he kind of moped around. The owner was to return home at a total random time, accompanied by a researcher. When they decided to go ahead and return...amazingly, at around the same time, the dog started to perk up - 20 miles away.

As the owner got closer and closer to her house, the dog became more and more excited. By the time the owner opened the door, her dog was bouncing up and down, trying to lick her face.

Amazing...just amazing.