Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

My post on Monday --My own little corner of the USA, no Canada, no the USA... -- seems to have attracted the attention of the C_$toms people, hard-working, dedicated true-blooded Americans that they be. (See above)

This has actually happened before. An April post -- Army Announces End to 20-Year Cloning Experiment -- perhaps the silliest single post that I've ever did, generated a visit from the D3p@artm3nt of H0m3land $3cur1ty. I still find it odd that they use the real department name for their server.


The Phoenix said...

Your silly and weird posts are my everyday posts...I get the same visitors on a daily basis.

I feel it's a compliment!
the 'cloning' post was one of the very few that was absolutely and completely made up, with not a word of truth in it!

you <== I figure they put special sensors in the Page Ave Extention just to keep track of you!!!!!

Bruce said...

My lady has a political blog that has been visited by certain branches of the federal govt over the last few months...
if they're down to watching me, they're hit rock bottom -- I'm a threat to national security the same way that Jello is a WMD --

what scares me about some of the political blogs that I stumble across is how many bloggers have exactly the same political beliefs as Timothy McVeigh and that does not worry them

Jeff said...

Maybe it's just surfers from that domain?
your tax dollars at surf!!!!!

---- is it just be or has Blogger been major difficult to use the past couple days????? ---

Amy in SC soon to be StL said...

I'm with Jeff. I've had bloggers get all freaked out when I visit because I work for the Army and naturally, I surf the net at work. I mean really, what do you expect me to do with your tax dollars.... work?