Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rooty Van Halen

Rooty will no longer eat the green dog biscuits.

I have no idea why.


Ranea said...

Rooty won't eat them because he knows there are more green one's then anything else.
there definitely seem to be A LOT of the green ones

Bruce said...

You know, my black lab was like that, too; and this was a dog that would literally eat anything.
maybe it's a macho thing, they look like salad or veggies

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, my dog won't eat the black ones.
uuuuuh! send them to me, I love licorice

:P fuzzbox said...

The green ones just don't look natural.
could be, he prefers cotton sheet and free-range eggs

Jenn said...

Maybe he thinks they're made of grass and dogs only eat grass when they are sick.
lol -- wirehairs actually eat grass all the time, it seems to be part of their nature

The Phoenix said...

Maybe he's too freaked out by having green poop.

moni said...

Can dogs see colors?? I mean, they smell everything. Maybe the green ones smell differently. Really, can dogs see "green"??
the green are a different flavor -- they say dogs don't see color, but if you buy identical rubber (except for color) balls they will pick out a favorite color