Friday, June 16, 2006

How to be rich, famous, and unknown in America!

What Brad Pitt is to the National Enquirer, David Beckham is to the world press.

He is an English footballer who plays for Real Madrid and is captain of the English national team. [I know, I don't care either.]

He has tabloid-style marital problems.

He's Motorola's Global Brand Ambassador (photo above), plus being a spokesperson internationally for IMB and Coca-Cola.

Every change in how he wears his hair causes headlines. There was actual serious betting on what hair style he would have for the World Cup -- on actual serious sports betting sites. ["The biggest betting interest in any World Cup market outside of match or tournament betting ... is on what hair style David Beckham will be sporting when England line up to play Paraguay in their opening match on June 9 - ... the odds about Beckham being bald when the game kicks off from 5/1 to 3/1 favourite and also seen a surge of support for a Mullet, down from 10/1 to 6/1, ... wearing an Alice Band - from 3/1 to 4/1 second favourite; and also offer 5/1 Spikey; 6/1 Mullet; 8/1 Pony tail; 8/1 Quiff; 12/1 Pudding Bowl cut a la Beatles; 25/1 Flat top style; 33/1 Dreadlocks 100/1 Wig."]

I was watching a documentary last night about the building of luxury resort islands in Dubai in the UAE. They keep building more islands because the multi-million dollar homes are sold before the islands are even above the surface of the sea. The only person they felt worthy of announcing as a buyer was -- you guessed it -- David Beckham.

What sits this guy apart, besides athletic ability, is his Madonna-like instinct for generating publicity:

First. He is very affectionate on the field, even by soccer-player standards:

Second. He likes to pose without his clothes, for magazines, for calendars, for almost any occasion.

Third. He married someone who was at the time more famous worldwide than he was -- Spice Girl Victoria Adams. They gave their children dutifully celebrity-children names: Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz.

This guy is so incredibly famous -- every place but here! He earns an estimated $32 million a year. In contrast, Tiger Woods is pretty much unknown anywhere but here, never takes off anything including his cap, but earns more than $92 million a year. Such are the rewards of being famous in America. Beckham plans to move here next year. He has to be asking himself "What would Madonna do next?"


Metal Mark said...

I guess the reason that he is not more known here that many Americans just don't care for soccer. It's been pushed at us for the last 10 years, but that doesn't make it any more exciting.
if it's not on TV, it doesn't exist! -- the normal rule of thumb would be that something that lasts 90 minutes would take two hours of airtime, allowing time for 60 30-second commercials (that's why most movies are 1 1 /2 hours long), a Mannix rerun would be more profitable for the networks and local station -- the expectation is that Beckham will do for soccer what joe namath did for football, muhammad ali did for boxing, john mcenroe/jimmy connor did for tennis, and tiger woods has done for golf -- the problem is that he's in his 30's

Carnealian said...

Dear Gawd!! Well thanks for the eye candy. He's one beautiful man. Now I really won't be able to concentrate today.
I used the most conservative pictures that I could find that fit what I was saying, this guy really likes to have his picture taken!

The Phoenix said...

He's also known for making metrosexuality more mainstream. Although I refuse to use men's moisturizer.
Metrosexuality -- the trait of an urban male of any sexual orientation who has a strong aesthetic sense and spends a great amount of time and money on his appearance and lifestyle. Also called "mirror men."

siren said...

I was about to join the David Beckham fan club until I saw that pic of him with Posh Spice. Did he steal that hairdo from Hall and Oates?
if her career had taken off they would be the ultimate power couple -- some people just love a camera -- the last photo is his hairdo for the first game of the World Cup 2006

Spinster said...

Wow. He is lovely. Now I'm thinking that the girl in "Bend it Like Beckham" had his poster on her wall for more than being a soccer idol.
this appears to be the best selling of the posters