Saturday, June 03, 2006

Notes from the doctor's waiting room...

Woman arrives with big curlers in her hair. Call me a sexist pig, but why would she put her hair up in curlers and then go to a doctor's office? If it were urgent, they would have taken her right away. If it were an emergency, there is an urgent care facility in the building. She was still there when we left, curlers and all.

Family arrives carrying their lunch, drinks and bags from Hardee's. No kids, all adults, youngest a boy about 18. One of the women had the appointment -- the rest of them sat there and ate their burgers.

Two different people, at two different times, came in and asked at the counter to see the doctor. Neither had appointments. They just wanted to see the doctor right then and there. Neither had been a patient before. There was no open display of laughter from the staff, but they were probably doing that in the back room, probably still are!

[I was a tag-along, not the patient, that's why I was in the waiting room so long.]


Pixie said...

Well Jim ther ehave been pics of Britnay Spears out with her new "manny" and baby with her rollers in so if its good enough for celebs.....
yeh, sure, this guy was hired for his child rearing abilites!

Ranea said...

I had an Aunt like that. She had her hair in curlers 6 day a week. Weird huh?
Even after I tampered with the photo, it still does not come close tot he real thing -- they were those BIG rollers

mollymcmommy said...

i think that is so white trailer trash to go out with curlers, but hey thats just me.

i worked at a doctor's office once, we had patients like that all the time (where they just came in and said they needed to see a doctor and NOW dammit), or people would call to get their diagnosis via the phone, oh yes, lots to laugh at! LOL!

it also surprised me how many people talk (loudly) about their most personal medical problems, probably the same folks who talk at the movie theater during the film

The Phoenix said...

Most of my job involves going to hospitals.<==because of job-related injuried???

Hanging out in the ER, you hear a lot of weird stories... <==odd that no one else has noticed that! might make a good TV show!!!! :)

Do these people suddenly become raving morons when they get near a hospital? Or are they that way all the time? <== too easy, just insert your own MODOT joke

Bruce said...

"If you wear curlers in your hair and have a family picnic at the dr's office, you might be a redneck..."