Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It was a tough weekend here on the blog ranch!

Someone whom I thought of as a blogger-friend stole an idea for a post. Hey, we all borrow, but this was almost word for word. He has not been back since, and I hope that it stays that way!

Then there were the vulgarities and insults in some of the comments! I tried to delete them as fast as I could but I know that some of you saw them. They were beyond editing.

Then there were the comments and emails about David (second-cousin once removed) and 'how dare I replace him as the house sitter.' Again, the comments were beyond editing. David lives in St. Louis, works full time, has a fiancee who has two kids and two German shepherds (the latter whom David now calls Sodom and Gomorrah) -- he does not have time to house sit!!!!!!!

Then there was the newspaper writer who completely lacks people and public relations skills, and think hobbyist web sites are authoritative sources for government laws and regulations.

And, of course, there were the folks who do not like the photos of David Beckham. Say, here is an idea, remove your bookmark for this page and don't come back. And, of course, leaving a comment as "Anonymous" is pointless if you are a regular visitor since I can tell it's you from the server logs/IP trackers. Dah! And, before you leave, here's another photo of David. I hope you really hate this one!


Amy in StL said...

Hey dude, I never take your blog as gospel - or any other writer's word for that matter. You must be talking about a writer in the STL paper, since I'm back I've noticed how bad it is.

In other news, more photos of Becks, or any other half clothed man are okay with me. Who knows when I'll get a chance to see one in real life again? (Homeless men without a shirt sleeping on the sidewalk don't count)
in my opinion, it has done down considerably since the Pulitzer family sold out -- buy a Chicago Tribune or a Dallas Morning News and you can really see the difference

moni said...

Gosh Jim, your site is sooooo popular, lol. Hey, these weirdos are all just envious, ignore them if you can.
the nuts were as thick as locusts over the weekend, I read the emails about David last night and just kind of lost it

Meagan said...

This post made me smile lots. :-D

love meagan
lol -- glad my annoyances make you happy!!!!!

Bruce said...

Musta been a full moon...
next Thursday, oh boy

Pixie said...

I missed it, as usual I am in my own world. Jim , ignore the jerks they are not worth your time to even respond to.
That last pic of David beckham is a little "Risque" though I must say...
Actually it's quite refreshing here, I hardly see anything about the Beckhams, in the Uk you can't open a tabloid without there being some story about them. we get sick of the site of them.
there is a picture of him from this year's World Cup that I actually could not post, something he did on purpose for the photographers, he does like to have his picture taken!!!!!!!

if they move here, it will be interesting to see if the press makes over them, and how he can top the pink fingernail polish and the photo spreads in gay magazines -- he could be the poster boy for narcissism (and would probably be glad to do it)

:P fuzzbox said...

Most of my hate comments come from my family not from blogger-friends. Sorry to see that you have been having troubles. Don't let the boneheads get to you.
around here, "Boneheads" sounds like the lastest from the Milkbone folks

Jeff said...

I was so messed up that I commented on the wrong post. GAH!

BTW, I didn't steal a post from you did I? Oh wait. I don't post that often anymore.
I'll move it to the right place