Sunday, June 11, 2006

Make mine in the shape of the Golden Arches

What are they?

You can order any airline, Coca-Cola, or your favorite brand of running shoe!

I kind of like the fish best!

They're coffins in Ghana.
Where you can get any kind you want!


siren said...

My first guess was going to be that these were made for a carousel...that was, of course, until I got to the fish picture. Ouch.

It's a great idea...if you have to go, you might as well go out in style :)
it's just such a shame to bury them (the coffins, not the people) -- they will soon be too expensive for the locals, they have been exhibited as folk art in Paris and other cities -- they cost about $400 now (a year's wages in Ghana) but collectors are sure to drive that up

Scott said...

Kind of weird!
put me in one of the fish, and let me loose on the Mississippi

Scott said...

How were the storms last night?
for the most part they wore themselves out in Missouri, we had lots of rain (which we needed) and lightening and thunder, but not the hail and strong winds

:P fuzzbox said...

If they work as a coffin, maybe they could work as a bed. That way you could sleep with the fishes with no ill consequences.
many people wish I slept with the fishes --

-- they also make them as chests, cabinets, and foot-stool size boxes so you can probably oder a bed also

Metal Mark said...

I like the airplane because it makes it look like you are in a hurry to get to the afterlife.
the airplanes are great looking, but I bet you have to pay extra for the larger whole in the ground -- I think I'd like TWA or PanAm