Friday, June 02, 2006

The Hangman Wenteth Away

Reuters reports that before England abolished the death penalty, would-be hangmen were often disqualified for unusual reasons:

One applicant was disqualified for having a "somewhat morbid interest in the work." The work, of course, was killing people.

Another was turned down for being "too talkative when drunk." I guess they didn't mind if he was drunk on the job, they just didn't want him to be too chatty.

My favorite is they guy whose morals were judged to be "too loose" to be a hangman -- it reminded me of Alice's Restaurant, in which Arlo Guthrie's conviction for "bein' a litterbug" were judged to make him unfit for the Army.


The picture is Bruce Pobanz, The Hangman, inspirational speaker, former champion pro-wrestler, movie actor, Hall of Fame Member, and church pastor.

The song Alice's Restaurant was released in 1966, the movie is from 1969. Arlo was actually classified A-1 after his famous draft physical but his number was never called in the Draft Lottery. Knowing that President Nixon had a copy of the song, Alro has always maintained that Alice's Restaurant is what was erased from the Watergate Tapes, creating the 18 1/2 minute gap. The song runs 18 minutes and 20 seconds.


The Phoenix said...

church pastor????

I guess they wanted their executioner to have morals that were just a "little loose."
is that like being "a little pregnant?"

Amy in SC soon to be StL said...

Hmmmm, another job I'm disqualified for. And you meant 1966, right?
thanks, I corrected the date.

from what I've read, they expect you to be drunk on the job

:P fuzzbox said...

What's wrong with loving your job? It is just wrong to disqualify a guy for that.
I've always wondered about professional torturers, do they go home and play with the kids????

Pixie said...

I agree if you love your job the time goes so much faster...
those little Snickers bars also help

Jeff said...

What's wrong with drinking on the job? I'd have to be drunk to do that job. I've never thought of myself as chatty though, so it looks like I'm good to go once the background check comes back.
the 'chatty when drinking' was from a police report, it seems like such a strange thing for the police to take notice of

Carnealian said...

I think I would fall into the morbid curiosity category. Well, and the too chatty when drunk. Geesh!
so, pretty much, talk-radio host is the perfect job for you!!!!

mollymcmommy said...

thanks for the explanation re the photo, i thought it was for something kinky LOL!

the other searches are "hangman" tended to be pictures of people being, well, hanged

phred said...

'' You can get anything you want, at Alices Restaurant''