Monday, June 26, 2006

We HAVE to stomp this out!

The locals have started to use "Me bad!" instead of saying "My mistake!"

I don't know which of you started this, but I want it stopped immediately!


Amy in StL said...

How annoying! Haven't heard that over here in MO yet....
it sounds like baby-talk gone bad!

Jeff said...

Any relation to Bubba on Sirius 101 who says, "I did it me self"?
that, at least, communicates the intended idea

Pixie said...

I think it is around in MO . I am certain I have heard Webpirate mutter it in the past. which is odd, because as a rule he never admits to being wrong.
he doesn't happen to be a waitress does he?

"You're charged us for five dinners, there are only four of us."
"Me bad."

The Phoenix said...

I'm pretty anti-social, so I haven't heard that saying be used. I remember "My bad" when I was younger. But "Me bad?"

Sounds like something Elmo might say.
they are probably related, it has just takend that long (like most fads) to reach here!!!!

'My bad' is a sports expression that also means 'my mistake' -- it started with inner-city kids playing basketball and was pick up for a time by professional athletes, then used in the movie Clueless (circa 1995) -- I have not heard it in professional sports for a long time -- I thought about a possible connection but "Me bad" sounds to me more like it comes from babytalk

Pixie said...

Jim, no LOL.
Come to think of it though seeing phoenixs comment on "my Bad" perhaps it was that he said. As I said he doesnt admit to being wrong and it was that long ago I forget.
All these "American" phrases I have trouble keeping up with them !
I still think it's baby-talk -- Phoenix is never wrong, he blames his little green friends for everything

Jeff said...

HOLY JEBUS! I just spit my salad all over the flat panel. The boss sure won't like this one. . .
you were using it as a plate????