Friday, June 23, 2006

"Program nonduplication has been discontinued on all networks."

The sign above is on the menu/order boards at the local McDonald's, below the speakers. I have no idea what it means.

[The title is from a sign that was on the cable in Austin. I also never knew what it meant.]


Bruce said...

Translation of the Mickey D's sign:
"We will leave the burgers under the warming lamp for only 30 minutes instead of 60 minutes."
it just seems like an unnecessarily complex sign to me, 'course thems of us who eats at McDonald's not always the brightest :)

The Phoenix said...

Sounds like the food that sits there will only sit there a little less time. You can be assured since your burger was cooked during "non-rush" hours, that more attention to detail was involved in constructing your burger.
I think I thought the opposite Phoenix -- that you will wait longer during non-rush hours because they won't have anything ready

Jeff said...

It means the fast food environment you have become comfortable with won't be as fast. They'll keep the burgers frozen instead of warm in those strang little drawers that continually have warn patties of beef like stuff. It's to save loss and cost.

The microwaves are going to get a work out in non peak times. The normal burger on demand business might be slower and then it competes with the joints that actually put thought into their work instead of reading off a card.

Have you ever considered slow food? I'm sorry if I'm soap boxing. BTW, Phoenix, they aren't technically "cooked" there.
oh well, it will give the people in windows more time to pet Rooty and tickle his ears -- he always stands on my lap and hangs out of the car window from the menu speaker on