Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Here is the little bunny that Rooty caught yesterday.

He seems to be none the worse for having been in the dog's mouth about 24 hours ago!
Rooty spit him out right away when I told him to.
He's a good dog.
He's a cute bunny.

(The wheelbarrow has a flat tire, in case one of you has a really small jack!)


Meagan said...

Did you say to Rooty "LEEEAVE IT!"? That's what I said to Mackie this morning when I noticed he had a dead bird in his mouth. See, now we can swap doggie stories!

Imagine what that bunny must be thinking. He had a near-death-experience! I wonder if he saw the light.

love meagan
Rooty, unlike most male wire-hairs, has no killer instinct -- he just thought "wow, a new fuzzy toy"

Meagan said...

I think that is a good thing that he has no killer instint. I have no killer instinct either. Perhaps Rooty and I could be friends.
you'd have to be willing to pee in the yard

Meagan said...

Well. Let me tell you. There've certainly been some of those early morning potty breaks with Mackie lately where I've been awfully tempted.

whoa. That might be a touch of TMI...
it is really tempting sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Phoenix said...

"Leave it" is also my command to my dogs. Snoopy listens well. Ilsa, well...she doesn't when it concerns food.

I once saw her swallow a baby bunny. I saw her putting it in her mouth from the window, by the time I ran downstairs and got outside, I yelled the command as the little bunny feet were slurped up and down my puppy's throat.
thanks for, ur, sharing, I guess, ur

Pixie said...

Aww sweet. My dog used to chase things but was never fast enough to catch them. The only things that he could get near to were hedgehogs and even he was'nt dumb enough to try anything more then bark.
I have friends whose dog attacks their TV whenever there is a dog or other animal, even in a commercial, physically attacks, that is the most hardcore dog that I know

Carnealian said...

OH ROOTY! That's so naughty!!! Thank goodness the bunny is o.k. Thanks for being nice Rooty!