Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The SuperSize Gates, with fries

This is where the local McDonald's keeps its dumpster -- you can kind of see it through the crack between the gates.

The sign says:


That seems a tad harsh doesn't it?
Are they afraid people will steal their trash?

Is the recipe for the secret sauce in there?
Are only friends of Ronald allowed inside, like the world's more pathetic rav?

ps. You can actually get to the dumpster by walking through the opening to the right of the gates.


:P fuzzbox said...

Is it really a dumpster or is it really a place for Mcorgies during breaks? One has to wonder.
no, it has dumpster -- this is one of the new McDonald's so it has some features of the new store design (lounge chairs, etc.) -- it either has a break room or they go over to the attached gas station/convenience store to smoke

Carnealian said...

Um, how DO you know that???
that you can just walk in, because I saw them build a little of it each day from the road (Old Route 66), there's no really good story, sorry

Pixie said...

No I read this the other day "DUMPSTER DIVING CULT
This is new to me, but apparently there is a new lifestyle called, Freeganism. Freeganism is a combination of the words "Free," "Vegan," and "ism." Freegan practitioners are basically a rejuvenation of flower children from the 60s. Their goal is to reveal human overconsumption and waste. Ash Falkingham, a self proclaimed Freegan had this to say:"Everything I eat comes from dumpsters."

So there you go, they are simply protecting their trash ;)