Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Party's at Jim's House (Probably)

Rooty and I are in Missouri.

This is the first weekend for the new house-sitter to sit, at the house, alone.

Please don't pee on the furniture.


:P fuzzbox said...

Great digs! Wish you were here.
looks like a good party

Scott said...

I hope that lamp didn't cost too much!!
I was at a party once where a chair caught fire, big time!!! The guys parents were not happy.

Jim said...

Rooty and I are back home, and it's still standing, so the new house sitter seems to be ok

moni said...

OK Jim, I need a house sitter, a dog sitter and a garden sitter. Send someone down quick!
it is really, really hard to find someone -- the new house sitter has not been left alone yet with Rooty, I'm building up to that -- a cousin's house sitter left and took all of the canned goods in the pantry with her