Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Deadbeat Jim

Some of you may recall from a few posts back that the clowns in charge of Internet security at The University of Texas at Austin let someone steal the personal information of a few hundred thousand graduates, including me. So, among other things, I had to cancelled all of my credit cards.

Then of course, I applied for new cards from different issuers.

Got a rejection letter yesterday!

Reason: "Unable to verify home telephone number."

I just checked the online application, it asks for "daytime" and "evening" phone numbers. For both, I put my cell phone number. Again, some of you may recall that I do have a landline phone, but it only rings in one of the bathrooms and the FAX. There is nothing on the application asking for a "Home" number. My cell phone number is my day and evening number!

I guess I was supposed to divine what information they actually wanted. I just didn't realize that the issuing bank was the Psychic Friends Network!


Bruce said...

I don't have a landline, just my cell phone. So, if some company doesn't like it, that's their problem. Best thing about no land line, though, is no telemarketers... :)
when they call my landline, they get that high-pitch tone in the ear from the FAX!!!!!!!!!!

Meagan said...

Hmm, I don't have a landline either. And I have a credit card. ???
did you apply for the cc with your cell number???

Meagan said...

Ya...I think so... maybe they just think you're dead.
well, the phone company still thinks I'm dead, but only because I had a phone installed in a nursing home and then had it removed when it was no longer needed (nursing home uninstall=death).

it might have been caused by the various services that I signed up for after -- and have I mentioned this -- The University of Texas at Austin left our names, addresses, ss#'s unguarded -- I signed up for all of the credit monitoring services and filed alerts with the credit agencies and filed a police report because, and have I mentioned this, The University of Texas at Austin left our names, addresses, ss#'s unguarded -- and, foolish them, they are still sending "please contribute" letters, yeh, sure!!!!!!