Thursday, June 08, 2006

I almost forgot to tell you what happened in the last episode of 'Everwood'

They killed off the only Black man in Colorado (back row center) in the second last episode because he was the smart one and could have easily fixed the two-hours of misunderstandings in the last episode with a couple phone calls.

Obvious from the first episode, the brain surgeon (front, checked shirt) proposes to the pretty blonde at the front left.

Ephram (center, behind the little girl) ends up with Amy (to immediate left of the brain surgeon). This was also obvious from the pilot.

Bright (front right) will end up with girl right behind him. This was obvious for the last couple seasons.

The little girl has a Bat Mitzvah, the first in Colorado history, centered (I guess) around the ancient Jewish symbolism of the merry-go-round.

UPS delivers a baby by mistake to Bright and Amy's parents (guy with jacket, woman behind him), they decide to keep it and have the jacket-guy's mother (to left of the Black man) move in to help raise it.

So, the odd-man-out was Scott Wolf (back far left) who, like all short guys, leaves on a jet plane for the coast.

Fade to black.


:P fuzzbox said...

The last time that I was in Denver, I thought that it must be a bastion of blondeness. I have never seen so many blondes in my life. I wonder if they give tax exemptions to draw in all the blondes or what.

And I don't recall seeing a single black person. So you could be right about killing off the only one.
it's the old joke about Minneapolis, no matter what restaurant you go into your waiter's name will be Bjorn

The Phoenix said...

Actually, up in Minneapolis, I noticed a lot of Asians (Vietnamese and Laotians) and Middle Easterns.

Colorado is pretty Caucasian, that's for sure.

Scott Wolf still has a career???
I said it was an "old" joke :)

poor little guy, at least this time they didn't make him an alcoholic (just really stupid) -- Matthew Fox, his costar in Party of Five, has hit it big on Lost (Fox and Wolf, wasn't that adorable!!!!)

Nicole said...

Well, I'm a little late commenting here, but I have been avoiding this post because I had fallen behind on the show and wanted to catch up before I read your post.

Nice brief synopsis of the final show.

In your previous post about it, you mentioned that there might be talk of a made-for-TV movie to tie up the loose ends. As a loyal fan of the show, I can't imagine what loose ends they're talking about. Everyone ended up with the person they were supposed to, so I say, just leave it alone. I'll miss watching, but the only thing a TV movie would do now is mess things up again.

And no sad goodbyes to Scott Wolf. That was absolutely the most out of the blue cast addition I've ever seen. It made no sense whatsoever, especially considering his storyline. I was glad to see him go. He'd done nothing but cause trouble from the moment he arrived.

Anyway, since you don't seem to be a fan of the show, I'm sure you don't care, but I thought I had to comment since I've been waiting for almost a month to read this post.
My guess is that they added Scott Wolf when it became clear that Greg Smith was going to leave -- I assume under they assumed that all the 16 year-old girls who had a crush on him in Party of Five would tune it, or that the 16 year-old girls who had a crush on Greg would magically transfer their fantasies to Scott, or something like that. Whatever it was, you are correct, it didn't work.

There was some buzz of spinning Bright off as a series -- and they left him the least attached!