Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Would a horse of any other color still smell as sweet?

There is a restaurant chain called Fuddrucker's. I had thought that for years there was an Orville Fuddrucker listed in the Plano, Texas phone book. I might be mistaken, but I really think there was, as a joke.

The most famous phone book listing of all time was supposedly Dward Farquard. Whether it was urban legend or fact, I honestly don't know. The name is used now by someone as a screen name.

The most famous in St. Louis, long gone, was Irish, Truly -- that's right, there was someone named Truly Irish -- how great is that!!!!!!!!

I knew a Naomi Snodgrass and I went to high school with June May Aprill, but I'm sure both are married by now and have screwed up those great monickers. I also went to school with Carmaletta Kangiser -- I hope she married an O'Brien or a Cartier and added a third nationality.

None of this has anything to do with anything, except that Cardinals second baseman Mark James Grudzielanek [Gress-uh-Lawn-ick] will be with the Kansas City Royals next season. He seems like a really nice guy, but just think what his parents could have done with a little imagination!!


The Phoenix said...

Baseball has a ton of players with funny names like:

Coco Crisp (Cleveland)
J.J. Putz (Seattle)
Wily Mo Pena (Cincinatti)
Homer Bush (NY Yankees)
Milton Bradley (Los Angeles)
Tim Spooneybarger (Florida)

Jim said...

"Willy Mo Pena" is a great name, his mother had a great imagination -- when I lived in Texas, I knew a guy named Faye Ray Day <==not making that up!!!!

stan said...

I always thought it was strange that science teachers at my junior high and two high schools had...uh..unique and interesting, similar names:

Jr. High: Hugh Schmelzenbach
HS #1: Bob Scheuchenpflug
HS #2: Terry Schindledecker

Jim said...

oh, the possible jokes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and, where exactly in Da Father Land did you go to high school????? :)

stan said...

Gresham, Troutdale und Oregon City, Oregon, in diesem Auftrag.

Jim said...

if Betty Scheuchenpflug married Terry Schindledecker, she would be Betty Berry Scheuchenpflug Schindledecker --

-- it is a little scary that all your science teachers had such very, very German names, plus I never thought of Oregon as having a large German population