Friday, December 09, 2005

Hair Today, Bare Tomorrow.

David, second cousin once removed, has gone home. It quickly became clear that real reason that he was here to get away from his parents for a couple days. He was fighting with them either because he got a burr haircut, or he got a burr haircut because he was fighting with them. I never did quite figure that part out.

When his hair is long, he looks 15, tops. For the last year or so it has been shorter, combed up with a sort of spike effect. That way he looks 21, a young 21, but more like his actual age. The burr cuts makes him look like he just broke out of a juvenile detention facility.

He asked me what I thought. You will be please to know that I didn't answer that the vet did the same thing to Rooty's tummy before his ultra sound.

And, Stan, before you post a comment, it's much shorter than your's.

There is also the difference that David is 21, lives at home, and works for his father. The most rebellious thing he's ever done before is to make his bed after church rather than before -- and that caused a mini family crisis.


stan said...

Don't worry, I won't post a comment.

Jim said...

Stan, glad you didn't :)

For those of you who do not remember, Stan had long curly hair when he first posted his photo.

a burr cut is 1/8 inch -- David did 1/16, plus his head is really white since, you know, it's winter!