Sunday, December 04, 2005

Now, Not Later

If you plan to make a donation of money to an organization that offers services to U.S. military forces and their families, the Red Cross is always a good choice. From what I have read, the item most requested by troops in Iraqi and Afghanistan is a phone card (to call home). Among many other efforts, the Red Cross also provides these phone cards.

There are many sites that send "care packages" to soldiers. The USO has a care package for $25 that includes a wide variety of items. Search Google for "care packages for soldiers" and you will find many other sites that send packages to the troops. is one of a number of sites that are different -- you click a button and you get the name and some information about an individual soldier -- it makes it very real very fast! You can send a letter, which is the number one request, and cost $.37! You can also put together a care package based on what "your soldier" requests. The postage regulations and paperwork for sending a package yourself are a bit complex, so anysoldier also offers packages that they put together and mail.


The Phoenix said...

The Red Cross is always a good choice.
When this time of year comes around, I bet it's tough for the men and women that are serving our country to be away from their families. I couldn't even imagine what that feels like.

Jim said...

the tough thing for me is to know what to give and who to give it to -- you are right, the Red Cross is always a great choice