Friday, December 30, 2005

I went to the same New Year's Eve party for years and years...

Then the couple who gave it got divorced.
No one got custody of me.
Turns out that I wasn't actually friends with either one of them.


Meagan said...

Oh, that is so sad! I've certainly have found myself in situations like that before.
I have been trying all day to remember how I came to be invited to the first party.

The Phoenix said...

Hey! That's a college suds party. We used to have those what I was a frat boy. We actually bought a giant sud was pretty cool. But man, what a mess. We had to put tarps down everywhere, and our lawn still got ruined.

Last year, at another college, some girl died at one of those suds parties. I think she had an asthma attack and no one knew. So my frat stopped doing them and sold the machine to SIU-Carbondale's chapter!

Maybe you should have your own New Year's bash, Jim. Maybe we could get out the Dawn dish detergent and party!
So, Phoenix, you had this dangerous, killer machine and what you did with it was send it to Illinois!!!!!!!!! As said a St. Louis TV weatherman about a line a thunderstorms: The worst is over, the storms have moved into Illinois." He could have added "...where they are killing hundreds but we really don't care because it's not Chesterfield." :)

Sure, the party can be at my place -- I still have my strobe light and music organ (changes colors of lights in room in time to the music) stored someplace.

moni said...

Well, that's pretty funny! I have friends that I cannot remember when we met or how or why. I think of this every year when I do my Christmas Card list. Ok, probably alzheimers on this end. My hubby is no help, he can't remember either.
We actually have relatives like that on my father's side, rather close relatives. This is the side where they spend hours doing the third-cousin twice removed, fourth-cousin one removed, thing -- so it is amazing that I have great aunts whose relationship is foggy at best.

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Well hope you and Rooty have a great New Year.

Mik & Carolyn