Monday, December 12, 2005

This post has nothing to do with yesterday's post

Super-hero Banana Boy in happier times.

Fri Dec 9, 4:33 PM ET HUDSON FALLS, N.Y. Washington County New York Sheriff's Deputy Shawn Lovelace arrested Banana Boy and two of his bunch today at gunpoint on charges of disorderly conduct for snarling traffic and not informing police they were going to be filming a TV skit in public (the latter law seemingly unique to Hudson Falls).

Banana Boy (20) has a local TV show and one of his friends was pretending to attack him with a fake knive. "Unaware the melee was staged, Lovelace drew his handgun and ordered Banana Boy and his colleagues to the ground. They complied — quickly." Another friend who was watching the taping of the skit yelled "Oh my God, don't shoot the banana!"

"Banana Boy ... was still in costume when he was picked up by his father at the police station." Sourse: Yahoo! News.


The Phoenix said...

"banana boy and his bunch" oh man, that's classic right there.

How could anyone shoot a banana???

Carnealian said...

Hey! You're back! Where was the pomp and circumstance? Where was the party? Why wasn't I invited? How's Rooty?? Don't be a stranger!

stan said...

This image is the first thing I was reminded of. It's so silly I laugh at it every time.

Jim said...

Phoenix -- I loved "Oh my God, don't shoot the banana!" -- you have to admire a kid who keeps his sense of humor even when a policeman is pointing a gun at his friends.

Carnealian -- I'm not actually back, it's a blog illusion.

Stan -- the link leads to a blank page, is that the joke??????

stan said...

It's an animated GIF of a dancing banana, and comes right up for me. Perhaps it's a Firefox/IE thing?

I uploaded it to Imageshack, maybe that will work?

Jim said...

it won't dance in IE either, so probably a ZoneAlarm thing

Meagan said...

hahahaha can I just say that the title of this post is the funniest?! Okay, I can. Because I just did.

Now I'll actually go read the post and comments...

love meagan

Meagan said...

Okay, now I actually have read the post.

I can see why that would be a law. Of course the police need to know if someone's going to be PRETENDING to shoot someone in public.

Did I just take away all the fun of the post? Sorry.

love meagan

Jim said...

Meagan -- did you look at the pictures -- the guy is dressed like a banana!!!! -- plus, he was the one being faux attacked!!!! -- but, then, he was wearing a mask!!!!

if you arrest a banana, is it a "bust" or a "picking"???

was there a "strip search" or a "peel"?????

if the banana had a "Chiquita" label could the guy be arrested for cross-dressing????

ok, I'll stop.