Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I should never go to Missouri!

The sign said:

Right Lane for Thru Traffic and Left-Turn Only

Not sure what the left lane was for.

Also not sure from which lane you would turn right.

I get so confused when I go over there!


Willow said...

I encounter two places like that regularly. You don't turn right from a lane. You turn right from a -whatwouldyoucallit?- a turn off?

I love giving directions that tell people to make a left from the right hand lane, then make an immediate right!

Jim said...

nice try ole mystic visitor from the east (east of Chesterfield, which is where I was), there was no turn-off as you so quaintly put it in your native tongue (the right lane met Clarkson at a right angle) -- they should just put up a sign out there that says Lexus drivers have the right of way no matter what stupid thing they want to do, or in the process of during, or will probably do as they get closer to the next intersection