Monday, December 12, 2005

My New Year's Solutions

It's calendar time again!

The French Rugby Calendar -- The international best-seller of athletes willing to bare all for the sake of their team (yeh sure). The link is to the DVD since the calendar photos show more of the Frenchmen that any of us ever need to see. Not as well know, but perhaps the strangest, is the Ana Arce Team Sponsorship Calendar 2006 -- this is a calendar of naked women curlers (that sport where they push weights across ice, see photo). Anyway, here is a list of calendars where men and women bare all, or nearly all, for a specific charity.

At the other extreme, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is offering The Big Brains 2006 Calendar. The calendar features artistically enhanced MRI brain scans of students, faculty, staff, and administrators and includes with each scan an explanations of a brain function "correlated to each individual." [No, I don't know what that means, but it probably has nothing to do with The Phoenix's post today -- The Science of Bats and Balls.]

Feeling a little nostalgia for the good-ole-days, how about the Outhouses 2006 Wall Calendar. This calendar presents twelve outhouses preserved for "posteriority." At least you would know what room to hang it in.

And just what could be more fun than 365 Tiny Paper Airplanes 2006 Calendar. That's right, the page for each day can be easily turned into a paper airplane -- this might be a guy thing!

How about The 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said 2006 Calendar -- and no, they are not quotes from this blog!!!

And finally, for those of you who live completely in a fantasy world, there is the Sex: Every Day in Every Way 2006 Daily Calendar, featuring a different Position of the Day for every day of the year. [July 7th is just like July 6th, only you have your fingers crossed.]


moni said...

I have three calendars for 2006. One I paid for and has lovely color pictures of New Mexico. The other two were free, compliments of the local pharmacy and my Physician's office. Certainly not as interesting or thought provoking as any on your list. Where did you get this list anyway???

Jim said...

I have been saving the links as I came across them and decided to put them together in a post this evening.

I have not gotten any freebies so far this year. The local bank used to have GREAT ones but cut it out as they expanded to other cities.

I bet the New Mexico calendar is terrific, all those western colors.