Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Please Make Them Flying Pigs Go Away

There is a small flock in the yard, right along the shoreline, but otherwise each black dot on the ice is a goose! Hateful, messy, ungrateful things that they are!

This is a shot to the east -- there are just as many out there lurking to the south, and to the west! When the lake freezes solid, they will all stumble up into the yard.

Rooty ignores them. Occasionally he'll run though a pack of them just to see and hear them scatter but, like most things that do not involve McDonald's, he generally does not care about them at all.


The Phoenix said...

Geese are vermin. Nasty, mean, and they poop everywhere. Ducks are cute. Geese are evil.

I early this year some kid was attacked by a goose and had to get several stiches in his head.

One thing I like to do is watch geese run after people at various corporate buildings. It's pretty fun to watch the fear of a businessman in a suit when a goose begins making the warning call and then pursues the screaming professional running back to his car.

Jim said...

geese have a natural abhorrence of cheap polyester :)